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I have some new goodies to share with you today. I’ve tried some new products from The Ordinary, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you.

I needed to order some staple products from The Ordinary that I had run out of, so I hopped on to The Ordinary website. Low and behold, they re-did their website and changed it up. I found myself looking at products that I’ve never tried. I’ll be sharing five products today that are new to me. In those five, there are some winners and some that I wasn’t so wowed with.

Come along and join me to see what’s new from The Ordinary.

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% Zinc 1%  is a staple in my skincare routine. I have been using this since I started my skincare journey, and I absolutely love it. 

I use niacinamide all the time, I will change it up sometimes and use it in my morning routine, or sometimes I use it in my evening routine. If you’re not familiar with it, niacinamide helps your skin function better regardless of what skin type you have.

Currently, I’m using my Niacinamide in the evening. I put about half a dropper full all around my face and down my neck before I use my Tretinoin. The reason I put it on before my Tretinoin is because I want that extra slip on my skin so that the Tretinoin has the opportunity to really sink in. 

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% Zinc 1% is an absolute must in my skincare routine!

My other staple is The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10. I actually ran out of it and didn’t re-order for a few months. I saw the effects of not using it after just a few months. 

When I was younger, I had fairly very oily skin, and as a result, I have a lot of blackheads around my nose area and on my chin. When that oil from the blackheads hits the air, it oxidizes and turns dark; that’s why we call them blackheads. I use the Lactic Acid by tapping it all over my nose and chin to keep those pores more open and quicker turnover, so the oil doesn’t turn dark.

I didn’t re-order this for several months, and I could really tell the difference!

The first product that I picked up, I’m not sure if it’s new or just new to me, is The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser. I have used this several times and what I can say is it’s nice. It didn’t blow me out of the water, and I don’t feel like I want to give up my other cleansers for this one. It is a very nice product; it just didn’t wow me. 

The one thing I can say about this product is that when I used it, I didn’t feel like I need to do a double cleanse. It did a fantastic job at removing my makeup and cleansing my skin. The few times I did use it, I was pretty impressed that it got all of my makeup off. I can say that this is a nice cleanser, but I’m probably not going to re-order it. It definitely didn’t wow me enough to push my other cleansers out of the way.

The next product is a makeup product from The Ordinary. While I’ve been using their skincare products from the very beginning of my skincare journey, I have never used any of their cosmetics before. 

I was really curious about The Ordinary Concealer, so I went ahead and ordered it. I have used this concealer a few times, and I have noticed it feels very, very skincare-like, almost like a serum or moisturizer. I can say from using it one or two times as it didn’t stand out for me, it wasn’t bad, but I can’t say it was really that great either. I’m going to use it a few more times to test it out. The formula is interesting because it feels like a moisturizer going on, although once it goes on, it does dry down pretty quickly. 

I’m definitely going to keep an eye on The Ordinary Concealer to see how it works for us older girls with mature skin. 

The last product I want to share is the one I’m most excited about. It is The Ordinary Argireline solution. Have you heard about Argireline? If you haven’t, I’m going to fill you in. It’s actually a pretty cool product. What dermatologists say about Argireline is that it’s equivalent to Botox. That’s right, I’m not kidding you! 

Many dermatologists say that the effects you get from Argireline are very similar to Botox without the doctor’s visit and the needles. In a nutshell, Argireline is really good for dynamic wrinkles on your face, and when I say dynamic wrinkles, those are the wrinkles that move and are made from repetitive movement of our face. For instants, crows feet, with the constant folding of that skin, create deep wrinkles in the crow’s feet area. 

Argireline is a synthetic peptide or Acetyl Hexapeptide3. What it does is that it interferes with the protein receptor complex that causes our muscles to move. Like Botox, when you inject Botox into your skin, it freezes that muscle or stops that muscle from tensing up and creating wrinkles. Argireline does the same thing, so it’s best to use it as a targeted application on the areas of your face that are really impacted by repetitive movement.

It doesn’t stop there, it gets even better. Argireline promotes collagen production, and we know that collagen and elastin are really what we’re looking for anti-aging. The loss of collagen and elastin over the years as we get older causes wrinkles and saggy skin on our face. Anything that we can do to stimulate collagen and elastin will give us a more youthful bouncy look to our skin. Also, Argireline helps to retain moisture in your skin, and when our skin has a bit of moisture to it, it looks plumper. 

I’m excited to see what kind of impact Argireline can make in the crows feet and 11s area. 

Products Mentioned:

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% Zinc 1% 
The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% 
The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser 
The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA 
The Ordinary L-Ascorbic Acid Powder 
Bos Essentials Vitamin C Powder 
The Ordinary Concealer – Very Fair 
The Ordinary Argireline 
The Ordinary Buffet 
The Ordinary Buffet with Copper Peptides 

I’m Wearing:

Hard Candy Smoothing Primer Balm 
Too Faced Shadow Insurance 
Maybelline Ultra Slim Brow Pencil 
Elf Wow Brow 
Colourpop On Cloud Blue 
Revlon Colorstay Foundation – 200 
Catrice One Drop Coverage Concealer 
Catrice Triangle Artist Contour Stick 
Milani Cheek Kiss Blush – I Cherry-ish You 
Catrice Sungasm Highlighter 
Milani Prep Set & Glow 
Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Setting Spray 
Sigma The Essentials Palette 
Loreal Le Liner Blue Jersey 
Loreal Voluminous Base 
Maybelline Sky High Mascara 
Maybelline Pink Pose Lipstick 
Wet n Wild Taffy Tantrum Lip Gloss 

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