GRWM – Soft, Easy Makeup Over 50

Today it’s another GRWM(Get Ready With Me), and I’ll be creating a soft, easy makeup look that is perfect for spring.

Most of these products I’ll be using today I’ve used once or twice before. I also have a couple of products that I’m interested in, and this will be my first time trying them.

Come along and join me as I try out exciting new makeup for us over 50 gals with mature skin.

You guys know that I love the Sigma eyeshadow formula, and this Sigma Ivy Eye Shadow Palette is no different. I think the Ivy Palette is just the prettiest palette, and I think it would be an excellent choice for spring and summer. 

These formulas are so creamy they almost blend themselves; it’s almost magical. Working with this formula is almost like painting on my face because the colors just work so well together. I’m really loving the nine-pan palette series from Sigma

I’m liking the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better foundation. Both times I’ve used this foundation, it has gone on beautifully. It’s effortless to blend, and I don’t get any polka dot pores. It evens out the skin tone, plus it feels nice and light on the skin. 

I don’t think the finish is quite right for my taste. I like something that’s a little bit dewy or has a little bit of glow to it. This foundation is more flat, more of a satin look. However, if that’s the type of finish you like, this would be an excellent foundation for you. 

We have a new concealer today, and it’s the Clinique Even Better All Over Concealer. I don’t know that I’ve used many Clinique products. I have been using the Clinique All About Eyes Moisturizer and am liking that. 

I’m looking for a concealer that not only covers up my dark circles but makes my under eyes look a little bit better. It has a little bit of yellow tint to it; it’s not super hydrating or super creamy. It blends in fairly nicely, and I think it’s doing a pretty good job of covering up my dark circles. I really like this concealer, and it’s going into the good concealer batch. Once I have a whole bunch of good concealers, I’ll be narrowing it down to my favorites. 

So far, I’m liking the Elf Contouring Blush Bronzing Powder. This is such a cute little palette; the packaging is really good. You know how sometimes drugstore packaging is iffy, but this feels like it would travel well. 

I’m not sure if the color of this blush is something I’m ever going to use, although I might try it in the upcoming months. I certainly like the contour bronzing powder. I think it did an excellent job defining the contours of my face without looking too warm or orange. I’m really enjoying the Elf Contouring palette, and it’s super affordable too!

This Milani Cheek Kiss Blush in You’re a Peach is so good. This is a cream blush, but the formula feels different from a cream blush. It almost feels a little bit oily. These blushes are so pigmented they will last you forever. This formula blends in so beautifully and looks so natural on the skin. 

I was worried that this color might be a little bit too orange, but it’s the perfect peach color, a little bit pink and just beautiful on the skin. 

Products Mentioned:

Buxom Plumping Lip Gloss 
Stila One Step Correct 
ABH Eye Shadow Primer 
Maybelline Ultra Slim Brow Pencil – Blonde 
Sigma Ivy Eye Shadow Palette 
BK Beauty Brushes 
It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better – Fair Neutral 
Sigma Sponge 
Clinique Even Better All Over Concealer – Bone 
Pixie Eye Brightener – Peach 
Fenty Lavender Powder 
Elf Contouring Blush Bronzing Powder 
Elf Tapered Brush 
Milani Cheek Kiss Blush – You’re a Peach 
Wet n Wild Highlight Palette 
Sigma Essentials Palette 
Loreal Le Liner 
Thrive Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara 
LA Girl Lip Liner – Nonstop Nude 
Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick – Act Natural 

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