My Dirty Little Secret – Vlog Over 50

Come and spend the day with me! I just got back from my morning walk. Although it’s overcast and misty out there, it’s just lovely.

My next task is to go out and check the vegetable garden to see how the babies are doing. After that, I’ll be creating a privacy fence, so I have a cleaner look at the front of my house.

I’ll also be sharing about one of my favorite topics – which is structured water. It is much more intricate and deep than most of us think. Water is such a natural part of our lives that most don’t think too much about it.

We also have furniture drama. It’s more like furniture intrigue. I’ve had a disappointing experience with online furniture shopping, but I’ve devised a solution for a new chair I’ve bought.

So come along and join me as I go through my day!

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Products Mentioned:

Privacy Fence Tape
Fabric Pots
Greenstalk Planter
Raised Bed Wood Planter
Night Stand
Faux Leather Chair


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