Unique Holiday Gifts – Over 50

Here comes Santa Claus! If you’re anything like me, you’ve had decades of Christmas gift shopping, but sometimes you just get stuck in a rut. So I’m sharing some unique holiday gifts that I think you’ll just love.

These unique gifts cover all prices points, so you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list!

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A Quick Look at the Unique Holiday Gifts!

Colleen Rothschild Best Sellers

Colleen Rothschild Body Butter

My first gift idea is something I bought for myself last season, and I’ve been loving it all year long. It’s the Colleen Rothschild Body Butter

It’s thick, it’s creamy, and it’s very hydrating on the skin. It also comes in three beautiful scents Warm Amber, Tahitian Monoi, and Honey Vanilla. It’s a fun way to add perfume to your day. 

I think anyone you buy this unique gift for would be over the moon for it. Mainly because this isn’t a gift we would end up buying for ourselves, it’s so nice to get a treat like that. 

The Colleen Rothschild Body Butter has definitely been a favorite for me all year long.

Beekman Soap Gift Sets

Silverbells Stackable Soap

The next gift idea is from the coolest company. I love this company so much it is Beekman 1802. If you’re not familiar with the company, I’ll give you as much of the story as I know.  

It seems like the tale I was told about this company is two guys bought a goat farm and had all these goats. I believe one or both had a business background. They wanted to know what to do with goat milk, so they started producing soaps. It was a small operation initially, and now it’s blossomed into just the most remarkable brand. 

All their products are beautifully formulated. They’re paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, and extremely clean. Their soaps are fabulous, but they have a whole line of products, and they’ve even ventured into skincare products. 

They have a holiday page on their site with so many great gift ideas. The one I’m very excited about is their Silverbell Stack set of soaps. The scents in this set are Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Tuberose, Honeyed Grapefruit, Fig Leaf, Pure, and Vanilla Absolute. 

You could get the set and gift the whole thing, or you could split it up as little stocking stuffers because you get six bars in the collection. 

I have absolutely loved all the products that I’ve tried from Beekman 1802, and I think anyone who receives a gift from them will be thrilled too!

Best Travel Cosmetic Case

Travel Makeup Bag

This gift idea is something that I have used and loved and am still over the moon about. This is the most incredible Travel Makeup Bag. I have owned many makeup travel bags in my life, and this is by far the best. 

This travel bag has a pocket in the front and handles, which make it convenient. The inside unfolds, and then you can hang it over the back of the door for easy access. 

It has a ton of compartments in it. All the zippers work really,really well. It holds so much, I once packed it so full I didn’t think I’d be able to zip it, and it still closed with ease. 

It comes in different sizes. The one I have is a large size, and I think that the large is perfect if you have a lot of makeup and skincare products that you travel with. 

Cela Creme Rose Body Lotion

Cela Creme Rose 

The following gift idea is from Cela. I think any product from this brand is a great gift idea. They’re mostly a lotion and body care company. 

The one product that I can say I have used a lot of and I’ve really, really loved from the line is their Creme Rose lotion. This is such a yummy lotion, It has such a delightful scent, and it’s such a rich emollient lotion. The lotion is a great gift on its own or as a little stocking stuffer.

What I love about Cela is that the products are excellent, and anybody who receives them will be thrilled, but the packaging is just beautiful. Any product from Cela, you can’t go wrong!

Taos Wool Clogs Review

The next gift idea was a gift I got for myself this year. I have always had house slippers, but I have never treated myself to a nice pair. Instead, I’ve always gotten the least expensive ones that last for one season. 

This year I decided to buy a good pair of slippers. This small company is calledbecause it started in Taos, New Mexico. One of the standup features of the whole Taos footwear line is how they’re constructed. 

The upper part of the slipper is wool, and the bottom part is cork. They have incredible arch support. If you have arch issues or if you know someone with arch issues, this is the ticket.  

I’m keeping my slippers for the house, but you could easily wear these out on the street. They have a full durable sole on them, and they’re a great walking shoe.

The whole Taos line has a lot of different styles. So if you’re looking for one of those gifts that will impact someone you love, I can highly recommend these wonderful well-made wool slippers from Taos. 

Barefoot Dreams Wrap

Barefoot Dreams Ribbed Travel Wrap

The next gift idea is something that I’ve had for years, and it has come in so handy so many times. It is the Barefoot Dreams Ribbed Travel Wrap

The style of wrap has been such a hit with me because of its versatility and how convenient it is to travel with. I have traveled with this oversize wrap for probably more than a decade. 

Not only does it add just a sophisticated look to your style, but I also use it as a blanket when I’m on the plane. Then I just wrap around my body again and get off the plane. 

I took my wrap with me when I went to Italy for a couple of months, and it came in so handy. It was great to put over my head if it started drizzling. I wrapped it around my neck or used it as a shawl stylishly around my shoulders. 

This wrap is machine washable, which I think is really important for this particular style of wrap. It goes into so many different environments I like being able to wash it up. Also, it’s microfiber so it doesn’t shrink or pill. 

If you know someone who loves to travel and loves good style, this is a great gift unique gift idea for them. They will genuinely appreciate it for years to come.

Best Reading Light

Neck Reading Light

The last unique gift idea is so handy and so practical. It is the Neck Reading Light. This neck reading light goes right around your neck, so your hands are free.

You can adjust the lights in the direction you need them to go. There are six different brightness levels of the light, so you can really adjust it to your needs. 

In addition, this is super easy to manage because you charge it with a USB cord. I just plug it into my phone charger and charge it. It takes about 20 or 30 minutes, and then the charge lasts for a couple of weeks. 

This is such a handy little gift if you know someone who likes to read or do any yarn work!

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