TOP 5 Skincare Tips For Women Over 50

It can be so overwhelming to start a skincare routine regardless of what age. So I’m sharing my top 5 skincare tips for us over 50 women that will make your skincare routine much more manageable and effective. You’re going to be able to do it regularly without it feeling like a huge drag on your life.

As you might know, I started my anti-aging skincare routine almost two years ago. Unfortunately, I have been a skin neglecter all my life. I went to sleep with my makeup on and I didn’t wash my face regularly. I definitely didn’t wear sunscreen daily.

Long story short, it finally caught up with me. One day I looked in the mirror and thought, oh my gosh, I look so much older.

I decided that I had two choices to either live with it or see if I could change it. The problem was is that I am not a routine person; I thrive on change and adventure. So getting me to do something regularly would be a struggle because I am always doing new things. Adding regular skincare into my routine was going to be a bit of a puzzle.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been able to figure out how to keep a regular skincare routine as part of my life without feeling tied.

I’m breaking down my 5 top anti-aging skincare tips for us over 50 women that will make your skincare routine easier and more effective than ever.

Take Before Pictures! – Skincare Tip #1

If you don’t do any other tips, please do this one. Take before pictures. I promise you will be so glad you did and make sure that when you take the picture that they’re very comprehensive.

Taking a picture is easy, and it doesn’t cost anything. You can put the images on your computer in a folder. You’ll be so amazed when you look back at your skin months down the road.

I took a lot of pictures when I first started my skincare routine because I want to be able to show before and afters. It has ended up being one of the best things that I’ve done for myself personally to let myself know that my skincare routine is working.

There are days when I’ll look in the mirror and think, oh boy, this is such a slow road. Then I look back at the pictures when I first started, and I’ll realize things are getting much, much better.

The pictures will not only help you know what changes you’ve made in your skin and what you may want to address next, but they will continue to encourage you along the way.

Here’s how to take good before and after pictures:

Take a picture of the front of your face, the side of your face in natural light, and smiling so you can see your crows feet.

You want to have really, really good pictures of your face, so you have an idea of where you’re starting from. So even if you have had a skincare routine for years and years, take some pictures and make sure you date them.

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Write down your skincare goals – Skincare Tip # 2

The skincare tip I have for you is to be clear about your skincare goals. It can be overwhelming to see people like me talking about all these different products and devices. Sometimes, it can feel like, oh my gosh, I’ve got to go out and get all these things. But, the fact is that you absolutely don’t!

I review many products to let you know what they do and what issues they address, and then you can decide if they’re appropriate for your goals in your skincare routine.

Having a clear understanding of your goals will allow you to define your next critical need and then go out and find either the product or the device that will address that need.

I was out there in the wild when I first started my skincare routine.
Not knowing where to turn and I bought many products and did a lot of things that ended up being a waste of money and a waste of time.

If I had known to really define my immediate and long-term goals, it would’ve been a lot more exciting and probably a lot faster and cheaper.

So knowing what your skincare goals are super important. Write them down and be really clear about where you’re going. I think it’s going to be a lot quicker and a lot more fun process for you.

Understand what you are using and why you are using it before using it – Skincare Tip #3

The third tip I have for you is essential, and it will take a little bit of time. It is to understand the products that you’re using and why you are using them.

This tip is so important because our needs will change from time to time as we move forward in our skincare routine.

Using certain products for specific conditions and other products for other situations. For instance, when I’m microneedling my face, the last thing I want to do is put on a Retin-A or any type of irritating acid on my skin after that kind of treatment. That would not be productive for the micro-needling treatment I just did.

Knowing what’s in your products and what they do on your skin is vital.
For instance, if you get a sunburn on your face. What products will you put aside until the sunburn is cleared up? What products you will want to move forward with to help soothe your skin?

So make sure that every product you add to your routine you’re clear on what it does and why you are using it.

I know that seems overwhelming right now, but if you add products into your routine slowly and with purpose and intention, you’re going to understand what your skincare routine is and why you are using each product. Knowing your products, learning when to use them, and not using them is an excellent way to move your skincare routine forward.

Make your skincare routine as easy and hassle free as possible – Skincare Tip #4

You guys know that I don’t like anything that is fussy or takes a lot of time. So I had to figure out how to make my skincare very easy and convenient so that I wouldn’t dread it or put it off or give up altogether.

So one of the things I did was go out and buy two buckets. One contains my morning skincare routine. The other has my evening skincare routine.

I have lined my products up in the buckets in the order I’m going to use them. So even if I’m not wearing my glasses or contacts, I still know what comes next and in which order.

I don’t have to think about it, I can go down the line, and before you know, I’ve got all my products on my face in probably less than a minute.

It’s such a good feeling and, in addition, a few things that make the whole thing even more effortless.

Do it early and make it easy – Skincare Tip #5

Let’s face it, skincare is not something you bounce out of bed excited to do in the morning. It’s more like brushing your teeth. But, it’s something you know you should do for yourself. So, making it easier helps in getting it done regularly.

If I put off doing my skincare a lot of times, I won’t do it. For instance, when I wake up in the morning, the very first thing I do is put the kettle on for my French press coffee. Then, while that water is boiling, I’ll sit in front of my red light unit. By the time I’m do my MITO red light therapy, my coffee is ready to go.

In addition, I make sure that everything that I use in my skincare routine has a full battery and is ready to go. Otherwise, I’ll find myself putting it off because I feel like it’s too much of a hassle.

I’ve figured out ways to use my devices and manage my skincare routine between other things that I’m waiting for. I don’t feel like I’m taking time out of my day to do something that I want to do for my skin. So I don’t feel like it’s taking me extra time.

Additionally, in the evening, I have found that getting my skincare routine done early as possible is essential because if I’ve been out hiking all day or kayaking and I’m tired.

So if I come home for the day and it’s 4 o’clock, I know that I’m not going out again. I’ll go in and wash my face and do my evening skincare, and it’s done. I’m so thrilled when 10 o’clock rolls around, and all I have to do is crawl into bed.

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