Tighter, Firmer Neck Over 50

I recently shared my 2 Year Anti-Aging Skincare Results. Of course, the number one question was, “what did you do to your neck?” I’m giving you all the details to a tighter looking neck!

I’ll also be showing before and after pictures as well as the skincare I used. In addition, I’ll show the devices that I think may have impacted the firmness of my neck, how diet and exercise might have had an impact.

I’ll be talking about what I think made the most significant difference in a tighter-looking neck + sharing tips that might be helpful for your journey.

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Tighter Neck Before & After

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How to Get a Tighter Neck Skin Naturally

I think that skincare is essential for any anti-aging skincare journey. So, I also used every product that I used on my face on the neck, decollete, and the backs of my hands.

When I’m doing my morning and evening skincare routine, I’ll put the products into my hands and pat it all over my face, down my neck, on my decollete and finish up on the backs of my hands.

Thus, my neck has been the recipient of the products that I feel are so important for my anti-aging skincare journey. However, I think that the impact of good skincare and a good device is underestimated. There is a lack of information and a lack of support for how powerful the healing capabilities of our body really is.

Essential Skincare Over 50

Diet + Exercise for a Tighter Neck

Since starting my skincare routine two years ago, I’ve started exercising more, and I’ve cleaned up my diet. So no sugar. I don’t eat bread; I don’t eat things like potatoes and rice. I mostly eat protein, fruits, and vegetables.

I have also been practicing intermittent fasting for about a year now. I don’t eat past 9 p.m., and then I don’t eat until at least 1 p.m. the next day. So I have that whole 16 hours where I’m not eating.

When the concept of autophagy was brought up to me, it just blew my mind because I hadn’t thought about it. Autophagy is a process that your body goes into when you participate in intermittent fasting. Autophagy makes your body go around and look throughout your body to find the nutrients it needs to repair your body because it’s not getting food.

As far as a lot of weight loss being responsible for the changes in my neck, it may have impacted a little bit. However, I don’t think a lot because I simply haven’t lost that much weight.

Best Neck Skin Tightening Cream

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I think the InvisiCrepe is an excellent choice if you’re looking to tighten the skin on your neck. My results from using the invisicrepe body balm are that it made a significant difference in my neck. In addition, I noticed that it did make the skin on my neck look tighter, and my skin doesn’t look as crepey.

You can read my full review on the InvisiCrepe Body Balm here.

Red Light Therapy for a Tighter Neck.

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The device I think has really impacted my neck is my MITO red light unit

One of the things I can say about the results from red light is that it probably had the most significant impact on my neck more than anything other than my consistent skincare. 

After using the MITO Red Light Unit for a few months, I started to notice a dramatic improvement in my skin tone, skin texture, and skin firmness. I sit in front of the MITO red light unit every morning for about 10 minutes. It hits my body from stem to stern. I move my head and my neck around, making sure that it hits my hairline hits all the different sides of my face and neck. 

There are so many red-light units on the market because they really, really work. Red light generates something called ATP. It’s the spark or the fuel for your body. So the red light that gets into your skin is fueling your body and giving out lots and lots of energy to regenerate and repair skin.

After using the MITO red light device, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin tone, texture, and firmness.

You can read my full review on Red Light Therapy here

Biggest Impact to a Tighter Neck

That is the exact process of what I’ve done with my neck over the last two years. So what do I think has made the most impact over the past two years? Probably all of it. If you continually add things to your routine that move you forward with brighter, fresher skin and a healthier body, you can have great results.

I know it can seem overwhelming when you’re starting a new skincare routine, a new health program, or a new diet. But, over the past few years, I have learned that it is easy when I take it one step at a time. I did not add everything at once. I did a little bit at a time. I would add a little bit more to my skincare routine, and I’d add another device. I’d add a little bit more exercise, and I tweak my diet.

In other words, I have constantly been moving forward to take better and better care of my skin, my body, and overall health.

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