Styling Short Hair Over 50 – Step by Step!

I’ve had this haircut for several months, but I’ve recently started styling my short hair a little bit differently. I’ve had so many of you ask me to demonstrate how I’ve been styling my hair. So today, I’ll be showing you step by step exactly how to style short over 50 hair!

Keep reading or watch below to see the entire process, from fresh out of the shower to the finished look.

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Tools and Products:

1. Start with a Hydrating Shampoo

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I’ve been using the Haille Hydrate Shampoo. This shampoo leaves my hair so silky, shiny and it strengthens my hair.

One thing I can say about this shampoo is it’s very, very concentrated. I often use too much, so just use a little bit and work up from there.

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Malibu Blondes Purple Shampoo

If you have lightened hair like I do and want to keep it a cooler tone. Consider using Malibu Blondes Purple Shampoo to keep the brassiness out.

I use about half a teaspoon, work it through my hair, let it sit for 3-4 minutes, and then rinse it out.

2. Apply Conditioner

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Next, I use Hydrate Masque Conditioner also from Haille. Again, this masque is very concentrated, so I only use a tiny bit and add more if needed.

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After getting out of the shower and towel drying my hair, that’s when I use the Haille Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner. I simply spray this all over my hair. 

Then I use the Kenra styling gel #17. I put about a teaspoon into the palm of my hand, rub that together and then just work that through my hair along with the conditioner.

3. Blow-dry & Style

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Revlon One Step

The one tool I’ve been using to style my hair is the Revlon One Step. I’ve had my eye on it for a long time before I pulled the trigger and bought it. I thought this might not work well for my short hair, but it works wonderfully. 

The Revlon One Step has been such a gift for my hair because it’s been so quick and easy to do. This dryer has a few settings. Warm and high, but it also has a cool setting. 

I use the high setting to dry my hair all over. Then when it’s almost dry, it feels dry to the touch, but there is still some dampness in the hair shaft – it’s time to add some volume & style!

4. Style & Volumize

Duckbill Clips

I separate the hair into three sections using duckbill clips. First, I leave the bottom layer out. Then, I clip up the 2nd layer and top layer of my hair.

Starting with the drying brush set on the low setting, I curl my hair under at the roots. Then, I do several passes all around my head until I get the look I want.

Then I unclip the next layer and use the same technique. Once I have just the top layer of my hair left, I rotate the brush in the opposite direction instead of turning it under. That gives a sweeping look to my bang area.

Now that my hair is mostly styled, I give my hair a chance to dry and settle while I apply my makeup.

5. Tease & Hairspray

Styling Pick

I use a Styling Pick to add more volume to my hair. Starting at the crown and backcomb underneath the hair, just at the root. Then, I backcomb both sides. 

Kenra #25 Hairspray

Once I reach the desired volume, I spray Kenra Hairspray just on the backcombed hair. I let the hairspray dry for a few seconds.

After the hairspray is dry, I carefully use my styling pick to lay down the hair over the backcombed areas. Once it’s all the hair is smooth, I spray my entire head to keep my hair in place.

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