Road Trip Essentials Over 50

As many of you know, I went on a long extended road trip across the country. I drove from the West Coast to the East Coast, and it was so much fun! I went on the journey solo. When I travel solo, I do a few things and bring my road trip essentials to make sure I stay safe and have a great time along the way.

I think that everyone should do that at least once in their life because you learn so much and it’s so interesting to go through all the states and see all the different things along the way.

Come along and join me to see what are my top 5 road trip essentials from Amazon!

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Quick Look at My Top 5 Road trip Essentials Over 50

Money Belt
ContigoTravel Mug
Yoga Pants
Yoga Mat

What is the Best Money Belt for Women?

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Money Belt

The first item on my list of road trip essentials. I take this item with me almost every time I travel. That’s my Money Belt, and if you don’t have a money belt, you really need to get one!

I take a money belt with me because when I travel, I always bring cash with me. You never know what’s going to happen along the way. I could get separated from my credit cards, banks could be closed, there could be a lot of things that happened that make that cash very, very handy.

I don’t want to leave that cash in my purse because someone could take my purse, or I could lose it. So I keep my money in my money belt along with my passport. I always bring my passport with me in case I might lose my driver’s license, or there might be a reason I will need an additional form of ID. So I either have it on my body, or if I’m in my Airbnb or hotel room, it’s near me where I can always keep my eyes on it.

I’ve had this money belt since I went to Italy. I spent two months in Italy several years ago. That’s when I first purchased this money belt, and I’ve been using it ever since. I used it in my two years of full-time travel, and I still use it today anytime I go out of town. My money belt is one of the most essential things that travel with me!

Best Stainless Travel Mugs on Amazon.

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ContigoTravel Mug

Of course, I always travel with my travel mug. This mug has been so handy. I often bring coffee with me when I leave the hotel room or the Airbnb; I want to keep it warm, and this mug definitely does.

So not only do I use it for my coffee in the morning, but I also put my Pure Sleep drink that I do at night in this mug. I mix it right up in my travel mug.

I’ve had this travel mug for several years. I’ve used this travel mug all the way through Mexico down to Ecuador back up to Montana, and now I have it at my home here.

This mug has held up so well, and it functions just as well today as it did when I first got it. This travel mug has been of my best friends on my trips!

Best Yoga Pants with Pockets.

Yoga Pants

As for what I wore, I packed so many different outfits. But, even though I packed many clothes, I wore just a few outfits because they were comfortable, and they didn’t show dirt.

What I wore most often were these Yoga Pants. I got these leggings not too long ago, right off of Amazon. I had to pair that I took on the trip, and when I got home, I ordered another pair in another color.

These leggings are so comfortable, and they’re so easy to wear. They fit great, they look great, and they have nice little pockets on the side. On driving days, it was so handy because I would make sure that I put my keys right into the pocket if I left the car, so they didn’t get misplaced or lost.

Having pockets on the side are just a must, and I don’t think I would ever buy a pair of yoga pants that didn’t have these type of pockets. This particular line of leggings comes in lots of different colors and lots of different styles.

I wore the heck out of these and the other pair that I took with me. They’re so comfortable and look great!

Best Lightweight Tennis Shoes.

Lightweight Tennis Shoes

As for the shoes that I wore, these lightweight tennis shoes are my absolute favorite. These tennis shoes are so comfortable. Pair them with Rubber Laces and they’re almost like a slipper. They slip right on, and they go with just about everything.

I wore these probably 80% of the time while on my trip because they’re just that comfortable. I’m a huge fan of these stylish little sneakers.

Yoga Mat from Amazon.

Yoga Mat

Because I took my car and drove, I took things I wouldn’t usually take if I was flying. So, for example, I packed my Yoga Mat so I would be able to work out still on my trip.

This mat is an excellent, soft mat that’s a little bit thicker than usual. The additional thickness really makes a difference. This yoga mat traveled nicely in my car and was so handy to have on my trip.

In addition to my yoga mat, I wanted to keep some workouts going on my journey. So I brought my exercise bands with me. These are so effective, and they take up virtually no space. In addition, they come in three different intensities: low, medium, and high, so that you can do a variety of exercises with them.

These are convenient items to help you stay in shape while you’re traveling!

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