NIRA at Home Laser – 5 Month Results Over 50

I’ve been using the NIRA at home laser for 5 months now (my how times flies!) and I thought it was a good time to share the results on my over 50, mature skin.

The NIRA is a FDA cleared at home laser device that uses the same technology as medical grade lasers. As a matter of fact, the company that produces the NIRA started in medical grade laser devices.

Today I’m sharing Before & After pictures, my experience and my thoughts on what I think this little device has done for my skin.

Join me to find out whether it’s been a hit, or a miss!

For the first two months I used the NIRA faithfully daily, and sometimes twice a day – morning and evening.

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In the last three months, my use has been less — life just got in the way! I guess that I averaged 3-4 times per week, but have to be honest that some weeks I barely used it once.

Here are my Before & After pictures of my 5 Month Results:

My skin looks firmer and tighter overall. This is probably the result of not only the NIRA, but the continuation of my complete skincare program.

I do think the skin around my eyes looks firmer and my eyes look more open and wide awake. I think that may be a result of my hooded eyelids receding a bit.

A closeup of my eyes reveal that the hoods are less prominent, and the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes are smoother.

However, I am disappointed that the main crows feet (foot?) on both eyes appears deeper.

By far, the biggest improvement on my face has been the nasal labial folds and the marionette lines. Both are significantly softened. (see top photo for a better view of the full face)

I’m thrilled with this as those were major issues for me when I started my skincare routine.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the results I’ve seen from the NIRA. It’s super quick and easy to use, fuss free and I definitely think the results have been worth it.

I’m going to continue on and hope to share my one year results!

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