Nebulyft Review + Demo

Today I’ll be sharing all about my experience and review on the Nebulyft Radiofrequency Device.

I’ll be giving all the details of my experience, providing a complete demonstration, and sharing why I think this might be an excellent device for us over 50 gals with mature skin.

Join me as I share my review with the Nebulyft Device, a full demo on how to use it as well as answering all of your questions on this device.

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Nebulyft Radio Frequency

Nebulyft radiofrequency works to tighten up the skin in a couple of ways. First, it encourages long-term collagen production and has a short-term effect of contracting your collagen, giving immediate bounciness to the face.

It also degrades the existing collagen, which I know sounds scary, but it’s really not. That degradation of the collagen signals the body to go in and create more collagen in your skin. This is what makes the long-lasting firming effect of your skin.

Nebulyft Review

I’ve had excellent results with this little device. Not only am I getting an immediate firming and plumping to my skin, but I know that the collagen induction through the radiofrequency will create more collagen in my skin over time, and that’s what we’re looking for when we’re looking for firmer, more plump skin.

We lose one percent of our collagen a year, which doesn’t sound like much. But when you add it up for someone like me, that’s 44% less collagen than I had when I was 20.

That’s a lot, so anything that I can do to generate collagen production in my skin is just going to help smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles and plump up my more mature skin.

Nebulyft Radio Frequency Demo

One thing I want to let you know about all the devices I use and this one included. I keep them plugged in, charged up, and ready to go all the time. I don’t like anything that I have to fuss or mess with, so the easier my device routine is, the better.

The Nebulyft charges up by laying on a plate which is lovely because you don’t have to put it on charging prongs or plug it in. As soon as I am done with my device, I simply wipe it down with a wet cloth to remove any conducting gel that may still be on the unit.

I begin by gently rinsing my face with just a damp washcloth to get off any oils leftover from my nighttime skincare.

Then I use an aloe vera gel as the conducting gel for my treatment, placing it right on the unit. Then I tap that around my face to disperse that gel around my skin. I’m currently using the highest setting on the Nebulyft, so I turn it on and click the button until I have all five lights activated.

Now I place the unit on my face and start gently moving it around. The heat will start coming up, and it’s a very gentle heat. It feels warm and very soothing.

I keep moving the unit around in the area that I’m treating. Keeping the unit moving and applying gentle pressure to the area.

I rehydrate my skin when I move the unit to another area with a mixture of hyaluronic acid and distilled water. This allows me to rehydrate that aloe vera gel and get the slip and moisture I need for conductivity with the unit.

I find using hyaluronic acid very helpful during this treatment. The process of radiofrequency pushes that hyaluronic acid into the skin, allowing for greater absorption.

Nebulyft Before and After Picture

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Frequently Asked Questions about Nebulyft

Can you use the Nebulyft device daily? 

Yes, which was great for me to hear because I do use the device almost every day. The power output of this device is only 2 watts which means we can use it every day.

The radiofrequency is very, very targeted. So it doesn’t have to heat your skin that much for it to be effective. So that lower heat keeps away any of that heat-related side effect.

Does the Nebulyft cause fat loss on the face?

Because this doesn’t generate much power and the heat is minimal, it doesn’t create that fat loss in the face that sometimes can be connected with a heat-generating device on the skin. So this will not melt that fat that we want to hang on to keep our faces youthful-looking.

Could the Nebulyft be used on other parts of the body?
Specifically the arms, legs etc.

The answer I got from Rebecca, a tech from the company that creates the Nebulyft is:

This particular device is targeted for the specific tissue combination of the face. They haven’t tested it on other parts of the body. Because the composition of things like arms and legs is slightly different, they can’t say if it would be effective on other body parts.

However, they stated that they had gotten a lot of feedback from their customers that it has a good effect on arms and legs. So I’m going to start using it on my upper arms. I’m curious to see what it’ll do. So the answer is you can certainly use it there.

What impact does radiofrequency have on brown spots or age spots? 

The answer I got back from Rebecca is:
Radiofrequency does have a positive impact on dark spots, although they’re not going to state studies that show that they sent me a couple of pictures that showed dark spots or brown spots were lighter after using radiofrequency.

So if you’re concerned about the radiofrequency making your dark spots darker, I don’t think you need to worry about it. Over time I think it might actually make them lighter.

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