Microcurrent Comparison | MyoLift vs. NuFace

Today I’m doing a review and comparison between two popular microcurrent devices. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the NuFace and MyoLift Mini.

As you might know, I launched on my anti-aging skincare journey a little over a year and a half ago. Almost from the beginning, I was using the NuFace microcurrent device. I recently switched to the MyoLift Mini for a few reasons that I will be talking about today.

Come along and join me as I share my thoughts and experiences with both devices.

Just a quick recap of what a microcurrent device is and why you might want to include it into your anti-aging skincare routine.

It’s completely non-invasive. It’s so simple to do, you can do it at home, and it stimulates ATP, which is the spark in your cells that creates growth and stimulates collagen. Microcurrent isn’t about erasing fine lines – it’s much more about lifting, tightening, and contouring.

The NuFace is a dandy little machine, and I really appreciate using it for quite some time. Spoiler alert – I have moved on to the Myoift Mini because I feel like it’s a better fit for me.

With the NuFace, it comes with different intensity levels. The NuFace comes with instructions on how to move it over your skin. It’s as simple as placing the conducting gel on your face and moving the NuFace very slowly, holding for a second and then moving again. When I was using the NuFace, I was doing about three or four passes in a particular area and then move on to the next area.

I’ve noticed with the Myolift Mini; my treatments are much more effective. They last a lot longer, and the machine’s versatility is just incredible, particularly for the price.

The MyoLift Mini comes with two probes. The current travels between the two probes from the start of the muscle through the body of the muscle to the ending point where you have your probe placed. So it drives that microcurrent through the muscle. Also, the MyoLift Mini has two different functions. One is the erase mode, and the other is the educate mode. So you have the flexibility to being able to relax your muscles or tighten your muscles.

There are some areas of your face that you get wrinkles resulting from the muscles being too tight as opposed to being too loose. For instance, the area between your eyebrows, sometimes called the elevens, from the tensing of the muscles. You can use the erase function on the MyoLift to loosen those muscles and soften that eleven area. The educate mode is where you’re going to be treating your muscles to stimulate them to tighten and educate them to stay more lifted and more taut.

One of the functionalities of the MyoLift Mini is that you can use gloves with it. That was one reason I was first attracted to it. With the gloves, you wet them, and the water in the gloves becomes a conductive element, so you don’t need a gel. When using the gloves, you want to use latex gloves underneath, so the current doesn’t go into your hands, and it saves it for your face.

With the gloves, I can do a very tailored treatment on my face and get the little detail work. While focusing on lifting and smoothing out the muscles in the areas I want to treat. I have found that the detail work that I can get with the gloves outperforms the NuFace.

When I use the eye attachment, I put some hydration onto my face because another thing that microcurrent does is push product deep into your skin. So using a microcurrent with some good skincare can get that product deep into your cells.

You unplug your gloves or probes, plug the unit into the mask and then stick it on your face, then just sit there during the treatment. I love these attachments; they are so fast and give me great treatment without me having to do anything.

Those are my thoughts on the difference between the MyoLift Mini and the NuFace. I like both devices, and I think each one is perfectly suited for some people.

If you’re looking for a microcurrent treatment at an affordable price, and you want it to be fuss-free and straightforward to use, the NuFace might be the best choice for you.

If you’re looking for a bit more effectiveness in your treatment and treatments that last longer with a lot more flexibility and functionality. I can tell you that the MyoLift Mini is a bargain. I can’t believe you get so many options and so much functionality with great information for the price!

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