Mature Beauty Channels Over 50

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Join me for Mature Beauty Channels Over 50 – Part 2! Come along as I share nine mature beauty channels that I watch, love and think you’ll love too.

There are so many wonderful mature beauty YouTubers offering makeup, skincare and lifestyle ideas – the trick is finding them. Quite often, the smaller channels don’t come up in search, making it hard to find the topics us more mature women are looking for.

In this round up you’re sure to find several channels you’ll want to add to your playlist!

Mature Beauty Channels – Part 1

Channels Mentioned:

Mary Ellen After 60
Bobbie Koppe – Life in Midlife
Abby Bliss White 
Lisa Monique Beauty
Mel C’s Makeup
About Face with Mona
Robin’s Beauty Over 50
Cathy’s Life Over 50

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