March Favorites – Makeup & Skincare Over 50

Today is all about March favorites, and by golly, there are some good things I’m sharing that you’re going to want to hear about!

Buckle up because there’s a TON of suggestions coming at you – from makeup to hair care, a bunch of skincare, and one nail product that I want to share with you.

Join me for a month full of interesting and fabulous finds!

I just started using Dior Forever Skin Glow about six weeks ago, and I just can’t put it down. This has quickly become one of my favorite foundations. I love this foundation’s look on my skin; it has the most beautiful soft dewy glow without being too dewy or too glowy. It does a beautiful job at evening out my skin tone and covering up any imperfections. 

The finish that it leaves on my skin is really what keeps me coming back to it. Even though it is from Dior and it is high-end, it’s not the high-end that’s just going to empty your pocketbook. 

I love how it looks when it’s first applied, and even hours later, it looks so beautiful. If you have drier skin, I think this might be an excellent choice for you because it’s very hydrating, and it almost feels like skincare when it goes on the skin. 

Sigma 9 Pan Palettes

The next favorite is actually a product collection, and it’s from Sigma. You guys know my not-so-secret eyeshadow crush is the Sigma eyeshadow formula. I was tickled to find out that they came out with not one but six Sigma 9 Pan Palettes. In the collection comes Rosy, Ivy, Ritzy, Hazy, Spicy, and Fiery

The two palettes that I’ve used so far are Hazy and Rosy; both of these palettes offer everything that makes me love the Sigma eyeshadow formula so much.  

Honestly, I put them on, and I almost feel like I don’t have to blend the eyeshadows at all. They’re so creamy, they almost just blend themselves. The pigments are beautiful, and they stay all day and look fabulous.

Each palette is a nice combination of mattes and shimmers, and there are a few little sparkly toppers thrown in here and there. The collections feature everything from cool tones to warm tones and neutrals. These Sigma 9 Pan Palettes are definitely a huge favorite for me this month and months to come!

Now we’re going to hop into skincare, and the first is this Bonajour Green Tea Water Bomb. What I love about some of the K-Beauty moisturizers is that they’re a lot lighter but more hydrating than a lot of the products here in the US. 

This is such a watery hydrating formula. It sets down nicely, keeps my skin hydrated, and works really well under makeup because it’s so light. I have even used this moisturizer in the evening and then applied a thicker moisturizer on top of it to give my skin extra hydration overnight, and it works beautifully. There’s just something about how this feels on the skin that I really look forward to using it. 

I have used many K-Beauty products, and I have liked about 95% of them. I think that they were a great value, so this will be added to my list of K-Beauty products that I absolutely love.

I’ve been doing something new lately that I’ve never done before, I’ve been using a designated eye cream. I never really got on the eye cream bandwagon but decided I’d go ahead and see if it makes a difference in under eyes and how makeup, particularly my concealer, applies. 

I’ve been using the Clinique All About Eyes Moisturizer for about the past six weeks, and you know what? I really really like it. It does a great job at hydrating and moisturizing my under eyes, and I like to use it before putting on my makeup. It makes the area around my eyes look more moisturized throughout the day. 

The final product is a hair care product. I’ve talked about it before, but I am so over the moon about this product I wanted to mention it again. This is the Colleen Rothchild Quench & Shine Hair Mask. I have had this for probably eight or nine months now, maybe even longer, and I am maybe 2/3 of the way through the jar. It is so good on my color-treated hair as it can get so dry, almost straw-like. To ensure that my hair didn’t turn into a bird’s nest mess, I have to use good products; this has been just great for my hair. 

When I wash it the first time after I’ve recently had it colored, it does such a good job of keeping my hair shiny, soft, and smooth. It doesn’t feel like color-damaged hair. You know that I am very careful about the high-end products that I fell in love with, but by golly, this one is at the top of my list. Even though it’s a little bit more expensive to purchase the first time, I think penciled out it is less costly than a lot of the conditioning products that I have used that are not high-end. It is so worth it, it does a beautiful job at keeping my hair soft and silky, and it smells just divine.

The Colleen Rothchild Quench & Shine Hair Mask is a huge hit in my book.

Products Mentioned:

Dior Forever Skin Glow 
No 7 Lift & Luminate Serum Foundation 
Sigma 9 Pan Palettes (List: Rosy, Ivy, Ritzy, Hazy, Spicy, Fiery) 
Fenty Beauty Lavender Powder 
Colourpop Super Shock Blush (List: Prenup, Birthday Suit, Count Me In) 
Bonajour Green Tea Water Bomb 
Clinique All About Eyes Moisturizer 
Nivea Blackberry Lip Balm 
ChapStick Total Hydration Lip Balm 
Indeed Hydraluron Moisture Mist 
Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Gel 
Myolift Mini Microcurrent Device 
The Ordinary Buffet with Copper Peptides 
NIOD Copper Amino Isolate 
Modelones Nail Kit 
Colleen Rothchild Quench & Shine Hair Mask 

I’m Wearing:

Loreal Age Perfect Blurring Face Primer 
ABH Eyeshadow Primer 
Stila Correct & Perfect Palette 
Sigma Rosy Eyeshadow Palette 
No 7 Lift & Luminate Serum Foundation – Calico 
Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand – Light 
Colourpop Super Shock Blush – Birthday Suit 
Revlon Skin Lights Highlighter 
Milani Prep Set & Glow 
Loreal Le Liner 
Maybelline Sky High Mascara 
Revlon Colorstay Matte Ink – 007 Partner in Crime 

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