GRWM – Easy Spring Makeup Over 50

Is it spring where you are, because it’s getting a little spring like in my neighborhood!

Today we’re going to be playing with some new interesting makeup and putting together an easy spring makeup look.

I have several new products I’ll be trying out. As you know, I’ve been on a makeup shopping spree – somebody stop me!

Come along and join me as I try a bunch of new makeup that is perfect for spring!

With spring and summer comes a little bit lighter makeup. I saw a product that really intrigued me. It’s the Milani All Inclusive Eye, Cheek & Face Palette. Have you seen this? It is an eyeshadow, blush, and contour all in one. I like the idea of having a whole lot of products in one very easy to travel with palette. 

Everything in this palette worked well for me, and the formulas are good. I was a little concerned about the bronzer color, but I think it worked out okay. It doesn’t look too orange, and it does blend in nicely and make a cohesive color look on the skin. The eyeshadows are not as pigmented as some of the other Milani eyeshadow palettes; these are much more subtle.  

All of these colors could be used on your eyes so you could put together a beautiful one-and-done look and then use the blush bronzer and highlighter for all other areas of the face. 

All in all, I’m liking the Milani All Inclusive Eye, Cheek & Face Palette. I think it put together a beautiful, quick look that’s perfect for the spring and summer months. 

I’m not sure about the Colleen Rothschild Black Tourmaline Face Primer. I was surprised to see that it’s actually black, it does sheer out pretty quickly, but it does give a little bit of a darker glow to the skin. It feels really silky and smooth on the skin, a little bit more serumy, and very hydrating. 

It’s a really interesting concept, but I would probably have to research black tourmaline in order to have any real opinions on it. Even if black tourmaline has all these beneficial properties, I’m not sure that you would use enough in a primer to make it beneficial for your skin. So I really can’t speak to the efficacy of the black tourmaline in this product.

The Revlon Colorstay is such a beautiful foundation. It has been around forever, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried it before. I know for a lot of people this is their holy grail foundation, and I can see why it’s beautiful on the skin. I have found a lot of foundations recently that I’m loving, and this is definitely one of them. 

This foundation is very light and subtle on the skin. It’s more serum-like and feels very moisturizing on the skin. It has a skin-like finish, but it evens my skin tone and covers all my minor imperfections beautifully. Isn’t it just wonderful when we find a great product at a drugstore price!

I tried out another new concealer today, this is just the way it’s going to be for a while! This is the Pretty Vulgar Concealer. I’ve actually used this before and liked it a lot, but I did want to bring it out again and test it against all the other concealers I’ve been trying. 

I like this color and that it’s a little bit brighter on my skin. The formula itself feels very, very creamy, and I don’t feel like it’s too dry or heavy underneath my eyes. It blends so nicely and does an excellent job at covering up dark circles.

This is the Sigma The Essentials Palette that stays on my makeup table all the time because it’s so stinking handy. I like to finish up my eye makeup by taking the color snow to highlight right underneath my eyebrows and on the inside corner of my eyes. It opens up that area up, which can get very dark and very shadowy because that’s not only is a deep crevice there, but the skin on my eyelid creates another shadow. So putting the color snow in that area opens up my eye, and putting it underneath my brow gives me more lift. 

If you feel like you have a lot of dark shadows around your eyes that you’d like to lighten up, I can tell you that this palette is my favorite for doing that! 

Products Mentioned:

City Lips Use Code PRETTYOVER50 for 15% off sitewide.
Colleen Rothschild Black Tourmaline Face Primer 
Loreal Age Perfect Blurring Face Primer 
Milani Eye Shadow Primer
ABH Eye Shadow Primer 
Stila Correct & Perfect 
Maybelline Ultra Slim Brow Pencil – Blonde 
Revlon Colorstay – 200 Nude 
Pretty Vulgar Concealer 
Sigma Sponge 
Catrice Prime & Fine Dewey Glow Setting Mist 
Milani All Inclusive Eye, Cheek & Face Palette
Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips – Nude Eyes 
Sigma The Essentials Palette 
LA Girl Lip Mousse – BFF 
Thrive Liquid Lash Extension Mascara 

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