Fix Lip Lines Over 50

One of the not so delightful surprises about getting older is lip lines they can start showing as early as our 30s. Lately, I’ve gotten so many messages from you all about how to fix lip lines. Does makeup help? What can we do?

So today, I’ll be sharing what I’m doing to address my lip lines. Complete with the products and the devices I’m using to keep them at bay.

So come along and join to see exactly how I fix those pesky lip lines!

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How to Get Rid of Lip Wrinkles Naturally

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As we continue to age, our skin creases more and more. So eventually, what happens is we’ve got deep wrinkles in our skin that don’t bounce back with a good moisturizer. So now, what can we do about that?

The number one product I’m using on my skin to help fix these lip lines and wrinkles around my mouth is Tretinoin, which is Vitamin A or retinoids. Vitamins A or retinoids are so important to deep lines creases because it is one of the only things we can put on our skin that teaches our skin to act differently.

That’s why dermatologists will always say if you’re going to do one thing with your skincare, make sure it’s a retinoid vitamin A product. Now they’re a ton of retinoids, retinol, retinaldehyde, and tretinoins formulas out on the market, and that’s because they work.

One of the critical things you need to look for when choosing a Vitamin A or retinoid product for yourself is how sensitive your skin is. Tretinoin can be very irritating. Therefore, you might need to pick retinol or retinaldehyde to match the sensitivity of your skin.

I get my Tretinoin from Curology. I’ve been using it from the very beginning of my skincare routine. I can talk to a dermatologist twice a year, and they send my products straight to my house.

If your skin isn’t sensitive, you might look into tretinoin products because Tretinoin is the granddaddy of Vitamin A products. In other words, it’s strong and will produce the most dramatic results over time.

Best Retinol Cream for Beginners

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Another retinoid product that I really recommend is from Maelove. It is their Moonlight Serum. It is actually retinaldehyde which is one of the most potent formulations of retinol if you have sensitive skin. So this serum might be a good place to start to see if you can tolerate it.

Best Treatment for Wrinkles Above Lips

From my experience in my skincare journey, what I focus on is collagen and elastin production in those areas and good hydration.

The collagen and elastin production will make that area look a little bit plumper and a little more smooth. The hydration or moisturizer is going to plump it up and smooth it out even further.

Derma Roller for Lip Wrinkles

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I derma roll around my mouth and down either side of my mouth once a week with a .25 or .30 derma roller. Why do I do this? Because the action of derma rolling the skin degrades the collagen in that area which signals my body to produce more collagen and elastin, which brings in that fresh collagen elastin.

It serves to make that area look plumper, fuller and smoother. I do this just once a week because I want my body to spend the rest of the week repairing that area. However, even doing this treatment just twice a month would be beneficial.

I simply wash my face, clean the area with alcohol, soak the derma roller in alcohol before using it. Then I gently rub it all over the areas around my mouth and down either side into my marionette lines. It doesn’t hurt, t’s just a little bit pokey but not anything uncomfortable.

Red Light Therapy for Lip Wrinkles

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The next thing I do is when I’m done with derma rolling is sit in front of my MITO red light unit. Red light works as a wound healer, so all punctures around my mouth will close up in a matter of minutes, and that red light will accelerate it. 

In addition, using Red light will help repair the skin in that area to soften the wrinkles and make them look a little less deep. 

You can read the full benefits of Red Light Therapy here

NIRA Laser to Fix Lip Lines and Wrinkles

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The following way I treat my lip lines and wrinkles, particularly my nasolabial folds and marionette lines, is with my NIRA laser.

NIRA is an FDA-cleared home laser device. It has been so helpful and valuable in making a massive improvement of my skin, particularly in my marionette lines.

I use the NIRA laser every morning while my coffee is brewing. I simply hit the areas next to my nose, right next to the nasolabial folds, and hit those actual lines on either side of my mouth.

I want to hit those particular lines because I want collagen induction in those areas. After all, those lines need more collagen and elastin to pop up at look less deep.

You can read more about my results with NIRA here and here.

Micro-Needling Lips for Wrinkles

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The last device that I use that addresses those areas around my mouth is the Dr. Pen M8 micro-needling device. I have been using this device once a month for the last three months.

I use it on my entire face, everything from my forehead down to my chin, my neck, and onto my decollete. I do different depths based on what area of my face I’m working on. So the whole process takes probably about 20 minutes to do my entire face.

This device is very effective at inducing collagen and elastin production. This little guy is a powerful unit and so easy to use. It has a cartridge that goes on top with lots of little needles in it. It moves very quickly to create those tiny punctures in your skin that degrade the existing collagen, thus signaling your body to create more collagen elastin.

I do like the process because I know it will be so impactful on smoothing out and pumping up those deep creases around my mouth.

Hyaluronic Acid for Lip Wrinkles

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The last thing we can do to soften those lines around our mouth, whether they’re lip lines, nasolabial folds, or marionette lines, is good hydration. 

With mature skin, we lose moisture a lot quicker than younger people. It’s from a process called T.E.W.L trans epidermal water loss, which means that our skin doesn’t hold onto water or moisture like it used to. 

That’s why good hydration is so important. So I make sure that I use a great moisturizer and a hyaluronic acid formula in my skincare routine, particularly in the morning before I put on my moisturizer. 

That hyaluronic acid will pull moisture from the air and make my skin look plumper and fuller. So it’s imperative to seal in that hyaluronic acid with the moisturizer because you want to make sure that the hyaluronic acid has something to pull the moisture from.

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