Fix Hair Loss Over 50 Women

Over 50 hair loss, I’ve got it, do you too? I know it looks like my hair is very thick, but there are some areas where I’ve lost the hair follicles. So I’ve been working to find something that will fix hair loss for us over 50 women that will restore hair in the areas where we no longer have any.

I’ve spent quite a while researching what I think will be the best process for restoring my thinning hair and absent hair follicles. You might have noticed I always park my hair on one particular side. Well, that’s because I’m very bald in a male pattern way on the other side.

As a matter of fact, my male pattern baldness looks exactly like my dad’s did. So I have done quite a bit of research and source some products, and put together a process that I think will help address hair loss on my head.

Want to know how I think we can fix hair loss for us over 50 women? Keep reading or watch my video to learn more.

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Female Hair Loss Treatment

The reason is that I am 99% sure that this is going to be an effective process to restoring hair. I’ve done so much research. There are so many clinical studies on how to regrow hair in a beneficial holistic natural way that I’m confident that this will be a very effective treatment.

The area right above my temples, my hair growth, has thinned, so this area on both sides of my head is where I’m going to be focusing on the products that I’ll be using.

There are hundreds of medical studies showing the process I’ll be sharing today as being very effective. However, I want to make sure you do your research to feel it’s an appropriate treatment for you.

The hair growth process I’m going to be using has three steps to it. The first step is using a dermaroller for hair loss. The second step is adding a peptide complex for hair, and the third is using a scalp massager.

How to use a dermaroller for hair growth.

I’ve discovered from my research that dermarolling is very effective at stimulating hair growth. In addition, I’ve read that a 1.5 needle derma roller is the most effective for the scalp area.

The best quality 1.5 mm derma roller I have found is from Gin Amber Beauty. They do a beautiful job of putting together their derma rollers, not all derma rollers are created equal. This particular derma roller has individual needles, which you want to look for when looking for a derma roller.

I’m going to be using the derma roller once a week on my scalp. I’ll be running over the treatment areas in a crosshatch pattern. I want to make sure that I’ve worked that area with the derma roller really well because this is what stimulates hair growth in that area.

It will only take a minute or two to do both sides of my head. Once finished using the derma roller, I’ll clean it with alcohol and put it back in the case for next week.

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The best peptide serum for hair growth.

For the hair regrowth serum, I’m going to be using Complete Recover Complex from a company called Haielle. I’ve been using their whole line of hair care products. This company was started by a young man from Venezuela. He had substantial hair loss because of some stress in his life. So he decided to put together a product line to support his hair regrowth

I am such a fan of the company; they are a small company doing it right. Haielle produces clean products, and it’s ethically sourced sustainable way. They have a product in their line called complete recovery complex, and this is what I’ll be using as a serum to support my hair growth.

I like this hairs serum so much because it doesn’t contain any GMOs, parabens, or sulfates. It’s very clean and contains peptides that I’m so thrilled about because I had such good luck with peptides in my eyelash serum. I know the power of peptides to support hair growth.

In addition to peptides, this also contains apple stem cells. Haielle does have more about the efficacy of this hair growth serum on their website.

I’m going to be using the serum in the evenings on the nights that I don’t derma roll. This has a very cool delivery system. You push the button, and it fills up the dropper. So I’m going to put the dropper right on the areas that I want to treat, massage that in, and then use a scalp massager to really work the product in my scalp.

One of the reasons I chose this product to use is that it’s not oil-based. So when I use this on my scalp, I’m not going to have to wash my hair because there’s no oil in it. The formula protects skin cells and targets the leading cause of hair loss. Both of these products have really proven to support hair growth. I think together they’re going to be a great combination to help fix hair loss for us over 50 women.

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Scalp massager for hair growth.

I mentioned the scalp massager. If you’ve never used one of these before, you’re going to want to run out and buy one ASAP. It really is that great. I also keep one in my shower for when I wash my hair, I use the scalp massager to work the products into my scalp, and it feels so amazing.

Using a scalp massager can increase blood flow and remove buildup, which can stimulate increase follicle circulation.

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3 Step Hair Loss Treatment for Over 50 Women

To recap, the process I’m using to address hair loss of my scalp. I’m going to be derma rolling with a 1.5 derma roller one time a week, and I’m going to do it on Sundays. On the rest of the nights of the week, I will be using the Haielle Complete Recover Complex. This is a peptide and stem cell serum that supports hair loss.

When I have the serum on my scalp, and I’ve rubbed it, I’m going to use my scalp massager to really stimulate that area and work the product into my skin. So this is my procedure for how I’m going to address the male pattern hair loss on my head.

If you’re looking to regrow hair on any area of your head, I hope you’ll join me. I think it will be fun for us to do together!

Make sure you absolutely take photos. It is so important to have before and after pictures because I can promise you that this has happened to me repeatedly. What happens along the journey is always different from what I think will happen, so having those pictures to document your process is so important.

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