DIY Vitamin C Serum – Easy & Cheap!

I’ve recently began making my own Vitamin C serum and Hyaluronic Acid serum. After using these homemade formulas for a couple of months, I can say it’s one of the best DIY hacks I’ve ever found!

I used to be very conservative in my use of both serums, adding only a few drops of each to my daily skincare routine. However, buying serums at retail is expensive, and I wanted to ensure my supply lasted for a while.

Not anymore!

By making it myself, the cost is less than $1 per bottle! Yes, you read that right!

I now use as much as I want, slathering it on my face, neck, and hands a couple of times a day. And my skin has never looked better or more smooth. At least since the age of 6!

In this video, I’m walking you through the entire process, step by step. It’s easy when you know how.

Be sure to scroll down — you’ll find the recipes and a downloadable PDF with all the easy-to-follow instructions.

What is Vitamin C serum?

Vitamin C serum is a skincare product that is applied topically to the skin. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps protect your skin from pollution and free radicals. It also can help reduce hyperpigmentation, heal blemishes, smooth and brighten skin. 

 Can I make my own Vitamin C serum?

Of course, you can! I’m sharing my easy and affordable recipe below. 

How to use Vitamin C serum?

After washing and drying your face, apply a few drops of the serum. Next, apply any excess to your hands, neck, and décolletage. Lastly, apply your moisturizer followed by your sunscreen. 

Recipe & Products Mentioned:

The Ordinary Vitamin C Powder

BOS Essentials Hyaluronic Acid Powder

Now Solutions Glycerin

Distilled Water

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For a downloadable PDF click here.

 Vitamin C Serum Recipe


***Base: Base can be distilled water or a combination of distilled water and glycerin. To make 2 teaspoons of Base, I use 1 1/2 t water and 1/2 t glycerin.

Vitamin C Serum Solution Strengths

The higher the strength, the more potent it is. Serums with vitamin C strength below 5% percent are ineffective while going over 20% could lead to irritation and doesn’t increase its benefit.

5% Solution

1/4 t Vitamin C Powder

4 t Base

10% Solution

1/4 t Vitamin C Powder

2 1/4 t Base

20% Solution

1/4 t Vitamin C Powder

1 t Base

How to make the Vitamin C Serum

Mix all ingredients well. Store in light protective bottle.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum


1 t Hyaluronic Acid Powder

1/2 t Glycerin

7 T Distilled Water

How to make Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Mix well, store in refrigerator 4-6 hours to thicken.

Here’s to smoother skin and a happier wallet!

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