Best of Skincare – Over 50

I’m excited to be talking about our favorite topic today, the best of skincare – over 50 for 2021!

I have so many favorites to share with you that I feel have made a difference in my over 50 very mature skin. So I’ll be sharing everyday favorites and some specialty items that I’ve added to my routine that I feel are making a tremendous difference in my skin.

If you’re a little bit new here, I’ll fill you in on my story so that you know a bit about my skin and what you might be able to expect from the products I’m mentioning today.

I was a skin neglecter my whole life, and I decided that I could do two things I could either live with it or see if I could do something about it. So I decided to see if I could do something about it, and that’s when I launched on my anti-aging skincare routine.

Since I started my anti-aging skincare routine, everything I’ve done has been at-home products and devices. Most of the products I’ve used are super affordable, and if they’re a bit higher price point, it’s because they do something exceptional. I think what we’ve found out over the past 2 1/2 years, that you can make an impact on your skin regardless of your age.

Let’s jump right into the best of skincare – over 50!

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Curology Anti Aging Reviews

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As we age, our skin creases more and more. So eventually, what happens is we’ve got deep wrinkles in our skin that don’t bounce back with a good moisturizer. So now, what can we do about that?

The number one product I’m using on my skin to help fix these lip lines and wrinkles around my mouth is Tretinoin, Vitamin A, or retinoids. Vitamins A or retinoids are so important to deep lines creases because it is one of the only things we can put on our skin that teaches our skin to act differently.

That’s why dermatologists will always say if you’re going to do one thing with your skincare, make sure it’s a retinoid vitamin A product. Now they’re a ton of retinoids, retinol, retinaldehyde, and tretinoins formulas out on the market, and that’s because they work.

I get my Tretinoin from Curology. I’ve been using it from the very beginning of my skincare routine. I can talk to a dermatologist twice a year, and they send my products straight to my house.

Affordable Vitamin C Serum

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Maelove The Glowmaker

The number one ingredient that has made such a difference in the brightness of my skin over the last year and a half has been vitamin C. It is one of the most effective ingredients for brightening your skin. 

The Maelove The Glowmaker is excellent. It is also a very affordable vitamin C serum. In addition, this particular formula comes with Ferulic Acid, which amps up the effectiveness of vitamin C in the formula.

NIOD Copper Peptide Review 

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NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum

I was so stunned and surprised at the difference in my skin after using the NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum

The one analogy that I have come up with to describe the difference in my skin – you know, when you’re baking a cake, and you pull it out of the oven, and it’s not entirely done yet. You can tell because you tap the top, and the top doesn’t spring back. So you put it back into the oven and pull it out five minutes later, and you tap the top in, and the top bounces back. 

That’s what copper peptides did to my skin, and I’ll tell you I was so shocked by the bounciness and the firmness in my skin. It’s significantly different than before I started using them. 

The Ordinary Argireline Solution


Argireline. Also known as acetyl hexapeptide-3 or acetyl hexapeptide-8. It is a six amino acid peptide used in anti-aging. Argireline is a fragment of snap 25, a substrate of the botulinum. It works by limiting the functioning of neurotransmitters to activate the movement in your facial muscles, so it works exactly as Botox does.

In addition, Argireline has been shown to promote collagen production. So we know that collagen and elastin are what we want to add more into our anti-aging skincare routine. I came across this ingredient when I was doing some anti-aging research. It has been around for a while, and it was trendy several years ago.

It was touted as Botox in a bottle. So when I came across that, I was a little bit skeptical. However, I did do a little bit of research and what I found out is that the opinions were kind of mixed. Some people say that it was indeed Botox in a bottle, and some people, including many dermatologists, noted that the actual molecule is too big to be absorbed into the skin to get the results they were saying it would give.

For me, the Argireline works tremendously and I knew needed to be added to best of skincare – over 50. 

AHA BHA Peeling Solution Benefits

The Ordinary AHA BHA Peeling Solution

One of my absolute favorite products is the AHA BHA Peeling Solution. Now when I say peel, it doesn’t mean that things will peel off. Instead, it exfoliates your skin so you can get off all those dead skin cells, and the newer skin can come through. 

I wish I had known at the beginning of my anti-aging skincare routine. When I first started, I went out and bought a bunch of products and slathered them on my face. But, unfortunately, I probably wasted a lot of time and money doing that because I had so much dead skin build up on my face, so all those products probably weren’t getting into my skin. 

Suppose you’re just launching on an anti-aging skincare routine, and you want your skin to look a little bit fresher before you start adding other products. In that case, I highly recommend using The Ordinary AHA BHA Peeling Solution

The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream

Tony Moly Chok Chok Green Tea Cream

One of the best moisturizers is the Tony Moly Chok Chok Green Tea Cream. This formula is super light and super hydrating. It’s not a sticky moisturizer. Instead, it’s more watery and feels fresh and light on the skin. 

Another thing I love about this particular moisturizer is that my makeup goes on so well because of how lightweight it is. Instead, it quickly absorbs my skin and leaves a beautiful hydrated finish. 

City Beauty Invisicrepe Body Balm

I was skeptical of the City Beauty Invisicrepe Body Balm because I know that creams don’t work to make your skin look firmer, but I was so surprised by the results. 

It did make a massive difference in the firmness of my neck. I have looked into the ingredients, and nothing jumps out at me. However, I can tell you that it does take continued use of the cream to be effective. 

I have done the deal where I’ve used it for a couple of months knocked off a week, and my skin starts to look saggier again. It’s an ingredient here that gives a temporary firm look to your neck. 

City Beauty Invisicrepe Body Balm has earned a place on my list of best of skincare – Over 50. 

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