Best of 2020 Lifestyle

Today it’s the best of 2020 lifestyle!

I’m sharing all the goodies that make my days so much more fun, make my body feel better, and the things that are a delicious addition to life.

These are all the things that make life a whole lot better, and I can’t wait to share my picks with you.

Come along and join me to see my favorite lifestyle products of 2020.

Restore – IONS* for Gut Health

If I were to pick the one product from the comments that has made the most significant difference in your lives, it would absolutely have to be Restore – IONS* for Gut Health; this is the one product that so many of you have said changed your lives. It’s made a massive difference in my life too!

If you’re not familiar with Restore, this is a supplement that I take every single day. It has done more to help my health and help my appearance than I think anything else I have ever used. It got rid of my puffy under-eye bags, and it got rid of my puffy body – it has really been quite the miracle supplement for me.

I have been taking Restore for a little over two years now. I take a teaspoon in the morning along with my vitamin D, and then I’ll take another teaspoon one or two times a day, depending on how I feel I’ve been eating and how my body is feeling.

One of the biggest game-changers for me has absolutely been Restore – IONS* for Gut Health.

Jupiter CBD Oil

The next is a supplement as well, and this is my CBD oil drops from Jupiter.

I actually started taking CBD oil four years ago because I was waking up in the morning with very stiff fingers. I’d have to crack them and work them to get my hands to feel fluid again. This was a concern as my mother and grandmother had debilitating arthritis in their hands long before they were my age. I did some research and found CBD oil.

One thing I can tell you about CBD oil is they are not created equal. Here are the things you want to look for in a good CBD oil – first of all, consistency. You want an organic and sustainably grown CBD oil, and you want one that works and doesn’t taste like a back end of a horse.

So many of them taste just horrible; that why I was glad to find Jupiter. It is an excellent CBD oil – it’s formulated with 100% USDA organic ingredients – they’re vegan, non-GMO, and it is made in the USA.

One of CBD oil’s most significant benefits is stress relief, and it is a natural stress relief. I take mine right before I go to bed. Since using CBD oil, I have noticed that my hands are so fluid, and I haven’t had any stiff joints or creakiness.

I really do love the Jupiter CBD oil; it’s a wonderful part of my lifestyle.

Sweetleaf Stevia

Staying on the topic of healthy living – I wanted to share that I’ve pretty much cut sugar out of my life.

I know, I know – it wasn’t fun, but now I’m really used to it. However, now that I don’t eat sugar anymore, I still like sweet things, so I have to find a way around it. I have found Sweetleaf Stevia that is a game-changer. The stevia is SO good, and it is the best that I have found. I use it to sweeten my tea or any food I’m preparing.

I have tried a lot of sweeteners, and this is the best that I have found. There is no icky after taste, and it really does taste sweet. It’s been a game-changer as far as being able to put something sweet into my diet without the sugar.

It’s been an excellent addition to my no sugar lifestyle.

Colleen Rothschild Quench & Shine Hair Mask

The next product is something I was so surprised at and so in love with. 

It is the Colleen Rothschild Quench & Shine Hair Mask; this is a hair conditioner. Since my hair is color-treated, I have to be very careful with what I use on my hair so it doesn’t turn into a dry, straw-like mess. 

I have been using this for almost a year now, and oh my word, I absolutely love it. Not only does it do a fantastic job on my hair, but the way that it smells – I am over the moon with it! The scent is just heavenly. 

 I wasn’t very interested in picking it up because of the price point as it is a luxury product, but it has penciled out to be less expensive than the drugstore products that I was using before, and it does a better job. 

This has been a delight and such a surprise. It does a beautiful job at keeping my hair silky and smooth while restoring some natural body and bounce to my hair. 

Sleep & Glow Pillow

I love the Sleep & Glow Pillow – this was another product that I didn’t buy initially because I didn’t see the point and really didn’t want to try it. I finally did, and now I’m completely hooked!

If you’re not familiar with the Sleep & Glow Pillow, this is a pillow designed to help the sleep wrinkles not be on your face when you wake up in the morning. It has these little cubbies designed on either side that your face can lay in there without it being smushed up and having your nasolabial folds and your marionette lines be worse in the morning.

I generally sleep on my side; the depth of this pillow and how my head lays on it keeps my spine aligned. That’s almost as important as the anti-wrinkle effects that this pillow has had.

My Sleep & Glow Pillow was a huge hit for me in 2020!

Products Mentioned:

Restore – IONS* for Gut Health 
Jupiter CBD Oil  Use Code Pretty10 for 10% Off Your Purchase
Sweetleaf Stevia 
City Lips Clear Plumping Lip Gloss  Use Code PRETTYOVER50 for 15% off sitewide.
Colleen Rothschild Quench & Shine Hair Mask 
Cela Cream Rose Lotion 
Beekman 1802 Snow Forest Bar Soap 
Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner 
Sleep & Glow Pillow Use Code PrettyOverFifty10 for $10 off
Lacey Bralette 
Pearl Toggle Necklace – *No Longer on the Target Website – 2 Alternatives from Amazon: 
Necklace One
Necklace Two

I’m Wearing:

Milani Eyeshadow Primer 
Thrive Filtered Effects Blurring Primer 
LA Girl Shady Slim Brow Pencil – Soft Brown 
Maybelline Brow Extensions – Blonde 
Marc Jacobs Steeletto Palette 
Stila Correct & Perfect 
Loreal Age Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation – Nude Beige 
Pretty Vulgar Concealer 
No 7 Lift & Luminate Powder 
Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand 
Milani Baked Blush – Berry Amore 
Loreal Lumi Glotion 
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder 
Colourpop Lip Liner – BFF 
Wet n Wild Lipgloss – Send Nudes 

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