August Favs & Fails

Today is the monster of Favs & Fails!

August was such a big month for trying new things and I have so many opinions about so many things!

You’ll see makeup, skincare, haircare, lifestyle, food & fashion – it’s the full monty this month.

There are some really good ones in here and a few stinkers as well. Join me to find out what you don’t want to live without and what you can just leave on the shelf.

Some of My Favorites:

The Hard Candy Smoothing Primer Balm has been such a hit with me! I was really so surprised at how good this super affordable primer is.

The formula smooths and blurs my complexion and leaves my skin feeling moist and hydrated.

My makeup stays on well and it does a good job of keeping my concealer in place. Love this stuff!

I had heard so many good things about this Rimmel Stay Matte Powder  from so many different ladies that I finally decided I had to try it.

Surprise, surprise – it’s wonderful!

A very fine powder that blurs my pores and sets my makeup down beautifully. I even use this to set my under eye concealer!

I have the color Translucent, but I think the ‘banana tint’ to the formula helps to brighten my under eye area a bit. This is a big hit with me!

I’d been hearing about this SUKOYAKA SUHADA Urea Moisturizing Eye Cream  from Mrs. Melissa M. for such a long time, I finally decided to give it a whirl!

This is a hydrating under eye cream formulated with Urea. If you have dry under eyes or patchiness, this could be the perfect solution for you.

It hydrates very well, while smoothing and plumping the skin. To top it off, it’s super affordable!

I’ve been using CBD Oil for my joints for a long time – and have tried so many different formulas. This Jupiter CBD Oil is the BEST I’ve ever used.

It’s formulated with organic ingredients, sourced from a small farm in Vermont, and triple lab tested for purity.

This particular formula is designed for maximum stress relief and relaxation – and WOW, does it work!

Additionally, it’s so pleasant to use with a wonderful, mild flavor.

This little powerhouse keeps my joints smooth and fluid and my stress level way down.

So happy to find this company! ***Use code Pretty10 for 10% off your purchase

The Colleen Rothchild  Quench & Shine Restorative Mask is another product that really delivers! It leaves my hair soft, shiny and easy to style. Plus, it has the most wonderful fragrance!

If you love chips but don’t love what they do to your body – have I got the solution for you! These little wonder Whisp ‘chips’ will hit that ‘chip craving’ head on, and with none of the bad stuff you don’t want to eat!

They come in a tiny little bag, but pack a big flavor and crunch punch! Just a few of these little guys and my chip craving is satisfied.

They come on a number of flavors and I’ve yet to try one I didn’t like. Yummy!

Products Mentioned:

Hard Candy Smoothing Primer Balm  
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder 
No. 7 Lift and Luminate Powder 
Elf HD Powder 
LA Girl Pro Conceal 
Loreal Age Perfect Lipstick Satin Lipstick 
Wet n Wild Hello Halo
Essense Salut Paris Palette 
SUKOYAKA SUHADA Urea Moisturizing Eye Cream 
Cela Creme Rose Lotion 
Banana Boat Simply Protect Sun Screen
Beaky Makeup Sponges
Kera Health  ***Use Code Pretty10 for 10% Off Your Purchase
Colleen Rothchild  Quench & Shine Restorative Mask
Jupiter CBD Oil  ***Use Code Pretty10 for 10% Off Your Purchase
Sleep & Glow Pillow ******Use code ‘PrettyOverFifty10’ for $10 off your purchase
Raw Sauerkraut 
Target Necklace 
Soma Bra – Creme 
Soma Bra – Black 
Pink Summer Dress 
Black Ballet Dress 
White Knox Rose Sweater 

Links are affiliate links. If you click a link and buy something, I receive a commission for the sale. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and you are free to use the link or not as you choose. If you do use my links, I appreciate your support.

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