Amazon Favorites for Over 50 Women

I recently bought some affordable items off of Amazon that have quickly become favorites and a part of my everyday life. Some of the things will solve a problem you never knew you had(example – Belt Hangers), and some of the items are just so handy you won’t know how you lived without them!

Come along and join me to see what my favorite Amazon finds for us over 50 gals.

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Quick Look at My 5 Amazing Amazon Favorites for Over 50 Women

Stainless Mug
Belt Hangers
Mug Warmer
Luggage Rack
Reusable Storage Bags Set #1
Reusable Storage Bags Set #2

Want to know what makes these items some of my favorites? Keep reading or watch my video to learn why you’ll love them too!

What is the best stainless steel travel mug?

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This stainless steel mug is such a great value! I’ve had this mug for almost a year, and it still looks brand new. I believe it is supposed to be similar to the Yeti mug, and while the Yeti line is fabulous, it is also costly.

I’ve been using this stainless steel mug every night for my evening mineral sleepytime drink called Pure Sleep. I heat my Pure Sleep in a little bit of coconut milk, and I put it in my mug. This mug keeps my drink warm in the evening and washes up super easily.

The quality of this mug is exceptional! I’m so pleased with this mug, and I can’t recommend it enough. This mug has genuinely been one of my favorite finds on Amazon.

Best belt hanger for closet.

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My next Amazon favorite of over 50 women is this belt hanger. Surprisingly enough, I don’t use it for my belts. Instead, I’m using this belt hanger to hang up my camisoles and bras.

It’s an effortless way for me to store my bras and camisoles. I don’t have to dig through the drawers looking for that one camisole or bra and mess up my whole drawer.

These belt hangers come in a pack of two, and they’re high quality. These have been so handy for me and have made a huge difference in keeping my closet organized. So if looking for a great organizational idea that you might find handy, check out these belt hangers!

Best mug warmer on Amazon.

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The following item has to do with my coffee. Can you guess what it is? It’s my coffee warm, and I actually have two of them. Would you believe I bought them from Amazon over two years ago, and they’re both still working great?

I keep one next to my couch and one on my makeup table to put my coffee on and keep it warm. I couldn’t imagine not having the coffee warmer for my coffee now because, for me having my coffee is an all-morning thing.

These coffee warmers are so affordable, and they’re easy to use. They plug it in and have a switch to turn it off and on. There are some coffee warmers out there that are activated when you put the mug on them. I didn’t get one of those in case I put something else on it by accident, or the cat walked on it or something like that. So I like the fact that it has a manual on and off switch.

These coffee warmers are fabulous. They’re very affordable, and if you like your coffee warm all morning long, this might be the ticket for you.

Best luggage racks for guest rooms.

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The next one of my Amazon favorites for over 50 women is a luggage rack. I don’t use it every day, but I am so glad that I got it. I was kind of on the fence about getting it, but I did get it.

My guestroom is very small, and I have a queen-sized bed in there that takes up a lot of room. So I thought putting a little luggage rack there was an easy way for people to have a place to put their suitcase without having to open up on the floor or bed.

I hit it out of the park because everyone who stayed in that guestroom has commented on how handy that luggage rack is. The cool thing is when I’m not having guests, I just folded up and put it in the closet.

It has been such a great purchase. It is very sturdy, and they don’t wear out, so I know I’ll never have to buy another one. I plan on using it this summer when I go camping. It’s a lightweight, foldable option that has so many uses. If you have a guestroom but don’t have a luggage rack, you might want to consider one. It’s been a real hit with all of my guests!

Reusable food storage bags on Amazon.

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I am so over the moon about this last item. I’ve had these reusable silicone bags for a little more than a month. I am happy that I finally invested in them.

I ordered two complete sets from two different companies because I want to have various sizes. I knew if I ordered two sets from the same company, it would be a whole bunch of the same size. So by ordering two sets from two different companies, I got a wide variety of sizes.

I’ve wanted to have reusable food storage in my kitchen for a while. I like that these are easy to work with, easy to clean up, and don’t take up a lot of room in the refrigerator.

They’re very bendable, and they’re super easy to use. It’s just like a Ziploc bag. Open it put in your leftovers, and then seal them shut.

The other way I have been using these reusable storage bags is for traveling. My skincare products fit so nicely in these reusable bags. If they happen to spill, it’s a breeze to clean out, and my luggage is completely protected.

How to clean reusable food storage bags.

I clean these by just putting them in the dishwasher, opening them up, and putting them on the top rack. I put them in between two prongs so they stay open while the dishwasher is running. It has worked quite well for me.

These two brands seem to be equal to me as far as the value and quality of the product. I do like the fact they have so many different sizes. I’m finding these incredibly handy. If you want an ecological way to store your leftovers, this might be for you.

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Those are the five of my amazing Amazon favorites that I think are perfect for over 50 women. I hope you found a few ideas here that will make your life a little bit easier!

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