Amazon Fall Sweater Haul 2020 – Over 50

Today is an Amazon Fall sweater haul for 2020! There’s some really good ones in here for you.

I ordered some sweaters on Amazon, and sometimes it can be really hit and miss ordering things online. I’m happy that everything I ordered is a keeper.

I’m so surprised by the quality of all of these sweaters, they’re so beautiful and such fun pieces to add to your fall and winter wardrobe.

You really can’t go wrong with any of them, I had a lot of fun putting together this little try on for you.

Join me for this fun Amazon Fall Sweater try on!


Levi’s Signature Mid Rise Skinny – Black 12
Camel Cardigan
Taupe Sweater
Burgundy Sweater
Cream Cardigan
Leopard Print Cardigan

The Camel Cardigan has a super soft knit, and the camel color is such a classic. It’s a staple for everyone’s wardrobe.

It looks and feels higher end, very luxurious!  It creates a long and lengthy look that is very flattering and also has two fun pockets in the front. 

The Burgundy Sweater is such a beautiful color. It’s the perfect transition color from fall to winter.  The knit to this sweater is really nice, it’s a little longer in the front and creates a longer silhouette. 

This Cream Cardigan is so soft and really fun to put on! It’s an open front cardigan, it has two big pockets in the front and nice long sleeves. I feel like this cardigan will go with so many things over the winter months and it’s a beautiful piece to add to your cool-weather wardrobe! 

I love this Leopard Print Cardigan, it’s such a fun piece! I think it’s one of my favorite fall and winter pieces so far.

It’s an open front cardigan and it has higher pockets which I really appreciate! This is a piece that would stay in your wardrobe for years, it has such a sophisticated look to it and it’s made really well. 

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