Amazing Amazon Finds Over 50

Today I’ll be sharing a bunch of really cool things that I found on Amazon! And who doesn’t love a good Amazon haul?

All of the items are very different, they’re all interesting, and a few of them might even surprise you!

Let’s hop right into my cool Amazon finds.

Tyler Laundry Soap – Diva

The first item I want to share is this amazing Tyler Laundry Soap – Diva. Now I know laundry soap cannot be thrilling, but this one actually is. 

This is such a unique laundry soap, the scent is so divine, and the scent lasts so long on the items washed with this laundry soap. I love using it on my towels and sheets because the scent will last for weeks after I’ve washed them. 

When using this laundry soap, I use almost the full amount of my regular laundry soap and then just use one or two tablespoons of the Tyler Laundry Soap, and that will scent the whole load of clothes. Using this soap just makes my towels and sheets so much more delightful!

If you love things that smell wonderful and you’re looking to make doing laundry a bit more fun, I can tell you that Tyler Laundry Soap has been a hit with me. 

Malibu Blonde Shampoo

I recently lightened my hair, and my hair turns really yellow when I lighten it very, very easily. It comes from the pollutants in the air and things in the water so when I lighten my hair, I always need to use a purple shampoo. 

I finally found one that does a great job; it is the Malibu Blonde Shampoo. I’ve tried 4 or 5 different purple shampoos, and this is the first shampoo I can say that keeps the yellow out of my hair. I’m able to use this in-between going to my hairdresser and not have my hair turn a really brassy yellow. 

If you struggle with your hair turning yellow in between going to a stylist or if you have gray hair that you want to keep the yellow out of. The Malibu Blonde Shampoo is just might be the solution for you. 


Working out at home has become a really big thing. Either because the gyms are closed, or we don’t want to go there anyway. If you have tried to buy dumbbell weights online, you probably have found that you can’t buy them anywhere. 

What you can find online is a Kettlebell, and to be honest, I think I actually prefer them over dumbbell weights. There are so many different exercises that will work out many parts of your body with the kettlebells.

There are about a million and one Kettlebell workouts you can do right on Youtube, and I’ll often turn on a workout and follow along. I’m finding that they’re much more efficient and so much fun to work out with. 

Lavazza Coffee

Some of you know that I lived in Florence for a couple of months a few years back. While I was there, I got hooked on Lavazza Coffee. This is what I would have in my little apartment every morning before I started my day. I would brew it and then add hot milk to it, and it was so good. 

When I got home, I missed having Lavazza Coffee as my morning coffee. I was able to find it on Amazon, and it’s so reasonably priced. This coffee is delicious, but if you don’t like strong coffee, this coffee probably isn’t for you. This coffee is vibrant and flavorful, and wonderfully smooth. 

Ring Sizer

This Ring Sizer is kind of goofy, but if you buy one, you’ll be so glad that you did. As I’ve shared in the past, I’m a jewelry junkie; it’s one of my weaknesses. 

I’ve been buying a lot of jewelry online lately. Since I can’t try it on, it’s so hard to know what size to get for sure. I recently wanted to buy a thumb ring but had no idea what size my thumb is, so I went ahead and purchased a ring sizer, and it’s been so handy. I can size any finger now, and I can quickly tell what size I am and don’t have to go back and forth, sending back rings that don’t fit. 

This Ring Sizer is so inexpensive, and once you own one, you’ll have it for the rest of your life. It doesn’t wear out, and it is so convenient to have. 

If you don’t have a Ring Sizer, you might want to pick one up. Particularly if you’re a jewelry lover like I am. 

Products Mentioned:

Tyler Laundry Soap – Diva 
Malibu Blonde Shampoo 
Sweet Leaf Stevia 
Ring Sizer 
Camping Light 
Neck Light 
Lavazza Coffee 
Spa Headbands 

I’m Wearing:

Chain Ring 
Stack Rings 
Thumb Ring 
Natasha Denona Glam Palette 
Loreal Age Perfect Lipstick – Perfect Burgundy 

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