5 Things That Happened When I Started Shaving My Face

Didn’t we ALWAYS hear that shaving our face would lead to blacker, coarser hairs???

Today I’m sharing the 5 things that happened when I started shaving my face and a more stubbly face isn’t one of them!

If you’re on the fence about shaving your face, or feel like you just need some more useful information, this video is for you!

I’m telling all about it AND doing a full demo!

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FAQ About Face Shaving

Does the hair come back black and stubbly?

Not for me. The hairs that are stubbly to begin with come back exactly like that. The fine, peach fuzz hairs come back just as ‘peach fuzzy’ as they were.

How often do you shave your face?

Ha! That depends on how lazy I’m feeling that week! For me, the optimum seems to be 1-2 times per week.

This schedule is more for the ‘dermaplaning’ aspect of the process than getting rid of hair growth. I find my face just loves getting rid of those old, dead skin cells and looks so much brighter and fresher afterwards.

However, I can get a bit lazy and have gone as long as 3 weeks without things looking too shabby. The 1-2 times per week is best for me.

Why don’t you just use the razor you shave your legs with? Why buy those little special ones?

Good question. Actually, the first time I shaved my face I used my regular razor. It worked, just not very well.

Because the head is much bigger on my ‘leg razor’, I wasn’t able to get into the nooks and crannies of my face: around my eyebrows, nose and ear area.

I’ve found the tiny razors do that easily and very well. So for me, it’s worth getting the special face razors (and they’re really cheap anyway).

Razors for Face Shaving

Silk Razor

The Schick Silk Razor is my current favorite. Mine came in a 3-pack and is super inexpensive.

I like the way this razor feels in my hand and the serrated edge helps to protect my skin.

Each razor comes with a handy plastic cover to protect the blade and makes it safe and easy for me to store right on my makeup table.

Tinkle Razor

The Tinkle Razor is really popular and I heard from a lot of gals who use and love this product.

I haven’t used it yet, but will be trying them the next time I place an order.

They look to be very similar to the brand I use and are just as affordable. Honestly, between the two you probably just can’t go wrong!

Products Mentioned:

Schick Silk Razor

Tinkle Razor

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