Home Wrinkle Treatment – Before & After Pics – NIRA Laser Over 50

Today I’m sharing my 60 day results, along with before and after pictures, from the NIRA at home laser.

I’ve used it faithfully daily (well, almost!) for two months and am so surprised by what happened to my skin. I certainly didn’t expect this!

Come along and watch as I share my results along with a bunch of up-close before & after pics. Does this little device work for us over 50 gals with mature skin? Join me to find out!

Here are the before and after pictures showing my 60 day results using the NIRA Skincare Laser:

My eyes saw a slight improvement over the two month period, mostly in the reduction of the fine lines under my eyes.

I do notice a slight decrease in the puffiness of my upper lid, creating a little less ‘hood’ hanging over my moveable lid.

Also, take a look at the inside corner of my eye, right above the the crease. I used the NIRA in there and can see some improvement in the wrinkles.

Additionally, it appears that the deep trough I have under both eyes is a little less deep. I’m anxious to see how much improvement can happen over the coming months.

Right Eye
Left Eye

While I’m not seeing dramatic improvement in the eye area, I feel that at least it’s moving in the right direction.

The fine lines under my eyes appear improved and the outside crows feet have softened a bit. The upper lid is less puffy and hangs over the moveable lid less. (love that!)

Crows Feet

In this photo you can see how the main ‘crows feet’ seem more lifted and softer.

Full Face

In this full face image, you can see how the entire face looks firmer and more ‘lifted’. The fine lines under my eyes are softer and the upper lid is less heavy.


I did use the NIRA on my elevens, though not every time. That’s going to change – ha! In this photo you can see a softening of that area.

Nasal Labial Folds

Now we’re getting into the area where my face experienced the most dramatic changes.

I used the NIRA on my nasal labial folds and my marionette lines. Look at the difference in the depth of the nasal labial fold in this pic!

To me, that’s a pretty significant change for an at-home device in only two months. I’m really excited to see what will happen in the months to come.

Marionette Lines

This to me is the most dramatic change, my marionette lines! I have VERY deep folds and deep creases on my skin from those folds.

The difference between these two pictures is so huge to me. I never thought I could make an impact on an area that was so deeply ingrained in my skin.

I’m excited to see how much more I can impact that area in the months to come!

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